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Government and private sector research can work.  Several years ago, because of the decline in defense funding, government research labs were made open to the private sector for approved projects.  Hausermann applied to the Department of Energy and was granted research funds to improve EDM performance.  The lab selected to work with Hausermann was Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, California.

Sandia previously had completed volumes of research on nuclear fusion and welding - two sciences that closely resembling EDM in practice.  Sandia felt they could use the information already available along with new research provided by them and Hausermann to improve EDM performance.  The project called for Sandia and Hausermann to provide as much information as possible and use Sandia's advanced testing equipment (including super computer) to provide a model for Hausermann to test and work with.

The results at first were hard to accept.  It was suggested that the traditional method of monitoring the voltage to stabilize the cut during EDMing was not the best method.  Expensive data acquisition boards and complicated algorithms to perform digital modeling would be needed; thereby making cost justification difficult.  However, prices for the needed chips dropped significantly during the testing period and allowed the project to continue.

After completion of testing, we determined that the lab was correct.  The testing led us to develop what we call our NDA (Neural Digital Acquisition) circuitry board.  With the board in place, we have virtually eliminated DC arcs and have increased performance substantially.  The worse the conditions, the more valuable it becomes.  The NDA board will be introduced on our equipment at IMTS 98.

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