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Hausermann Die & Machine Company was established in 1955 as a full service tool room.  It remains the flag ship of the Hausermann organization, creating new technologies and refining them in the real world conditions of the tooling industry.  New innovations, when refined,  are produced and sold by sister companies, Hausermann Controls Company and Hausermann Abrading Process Company.   

Hausermann purchased its first EDM in the early 60's and quickly recognized the need for a faster method to produce electrodes.  In the late 60's the abrading process was invented and patented by Hausermann.  The abrading  process was used internally to produce cost-effective electrodes for use in our EDMs.  After refining the process, Hausermann Abrading Process Company (HAPCO) was founded in the mid 70's to produce and sell abrading equipment.  The equipment was controlled using a dedicated microprocessor.

Another major EDM development of the 60's was orbiting.  Hausermann recognized the importance of orbiting for effective EDMing and developed its own large orbiting fixture.  The fixture was later marketed through HAPCO.

The introduction of computers (CNC) to automate and control machine tools in the late 70's led Hausermann to develop its first CNC control.  A CNC control for the abrader was introduced in the early 80's.   At the same time we looked for methods to automate our EDM equipment. Finding nothing suitable in the market, we developed our own CNC/EDM control.  Upon completion, we upgraded and retrofitted our existing EDMs and increased productivity dramatically.  Based on the success with the control, Hausermann Controls Company was formed in the mid 80's to market and provide continued research and development for the control. 





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