Hausermann at IMTS

Hausermann was at IMTS again in Chicago.

We demonstrated the value of CNC/EDMing by showing how to save money by reducing the number of needed electrodes, improving EDM





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efficiency, reducing labor costs, and eliminating costly DC arcs to the work piece.  As part of our demonstration we used:

  • Hirschmann 20-tool position tool changer and C-axis.
  • Intricate abraded electrodes to EDM complex mold s hapes.
  • Helical C-axis orbiting for helical gears.
  • Flush-less EDMing.
  • X,Y, AND Z compound-angled, thin, deep, ribs -burned without flushing and arcs.
  • Hausermann's 40 years of EDM and tooling experience.



Abrading the hit of the show!!!

With the acceptance of
CNC/EDM as a tool for
productivity,  the electrode
has become increasingly
more valuable.  The words
of one attendee echoed the
sentiments of most who
visited our booth. 
That we have the EDMs,
We have to find a better

Way to feed them"The speed and repeatability of abrading, again, demonstrates the real value of abraded electrodes.

An automobile transmission spline core electrode and the large toy electrode (pictured) were the hit of the show.  It was amazing how many people recognized the toy and said their children or grandchildren had one.  The electrode also demonstrated the fine detail and deep geometry - normally thought impossible to make - that is available with abrading.  Large, detailed, abraded electrodes increase EDM productivity by eliminating down time for the EDM while waiting for segmented electrodes to be changed or set-up.  The typical EDM is burning only 17 hours a day, using segmented electrodes, as opposed to 24 hours a day when using abraded electrodes like the ones displayed at IMTS.

Thanks to all who visited our booth.  We enjoyed talking with all of you and learned what you want and expect from Hausermann.