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"How can I afford to invest in newer technology to stay competitive?"

Staying competitive in today's metalworking industry is becoming increasingly difficult.  There are many pressures driving the need for greater investment, including - increased competition, more demanding customers, and a relentless drive to lower costs.  The cost of capital equipment and the rapid acceleration of technology (which obsoletes equipment faster) creates greater risk and uncertainty for business about when or where to invest.

The question: "How can I afford to invest in newer technology to stay competitive?" is now more difficult than ever to answer.  In this environment, it is critical to understand where and how to best invest to maximize your company strengths while at the same time minimizing risks and costs.

Traditional methods of investment decision-making looks mainly at a single piece of equipment's up-front cost and depreciation rates.  Once the equipment is acquired, many businesses seek to minimize short-term expenses by making minimal maintenance investments, foregoing upgrades, and carrying the equipment far beyond its productive life - ignoring the impact this can have on productivity and quality.

Progressive companies need to consider what impact any equipment acquisition will have on their entire system.  Equipment life-cycle plans for creating equipment optimization programs include plans for future upgrades - to keep equipment current and competitive - need to be developed.  Plans must look at operating costs, as well as maintenance costs, to help identify the best investment strategy.  This is needed to minimize expenses and insure that the equipment maintains its value after installation.  The goal is to optimize and maintain productivity and flexibility, while working to minimize overall costs and investment.

Let Hausermann submit a quotation to upgrade and maximize your EDM department.  Our quotes are designed to do so with as little capital expenditure as possible.  Hausermann is in the best position to do so because we are not an EDM manufacturer.  We have no interest in selling EDMs or, more importantly, replacing obsolete EDMs with costly new equipment in the future.

Hausermann's business is designing and developing software for CNC/EDMs.  We market our control to various OEMs for use on new EDMs, as well as to owners of qualified older existing EDMs to be upgraded and retrofitted.  Our only interest after upgrading is to support and service the upgrades when required. 

Hausermann also has a very liberal software upgrade policy which provides future software upgrades (maintaining optimum machine performance) at reasonable costs and the cost of a service call to install new software and update operator training, if needed.





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"Hausermann has a very liberal software upgrade policy which provides future software upgrades �. at reasonable costs."

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